Launch of new project ‘Inclusive Policing with Confidence’

British Police Community Support Officer

“Better recognition, respect, and valuing of difference.”

“Last Friday (10 September) we launched the first session of our ‘Inclusive Policing with Confidence’ programme, which will be rolling out to all frontline staff and officers over the coming months.  The introduction of this programme is an important step in our journey to achieve the ambition for Avon and Somerset Police to become the most inclusive police force in the UK.

Led by Stand Against Racism & Inequality (SARI), the training aims to increase our understanding and empathy across the organisation leading to better recognition, respect, and valuing of difference.  

This learning programme has been designed by SARI in partnership with four other community-led, expert inclusion organisations – WECIL (West of England Centre for Inclusive Living), The Diversity TrustBabbasa and EMPOVA Consulting, and will be managed and delivered by these partners in a truly collaborative way.

I am delighted to share the first in a series of guest blogs with you this week from our partner organisations.  Farhan Cheema from SARI is an experienced trainer who will be delivering the programme between now and April 2022. Here he tells us why he is so excited to work alongside Avon and Somerset Police to ensure that every one of our frontline police officers and staff have the confidence and skills to serve and protect our diverse communities with respect and human rights right at the centre.”

Sarika Morrison
Head of Organisational Development
Avon and Somerset Police

“An exciting opportunity.”

“I have been working in the field of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) for over 10 years, with experience in both the public and private sector. Through employment, I have held senior equality positions, where I have successfully developed strategies and interventions to improve company reputation, work culture, EDI leadership skills, and diverse representation, through recruitment initiatives.

As a Bristol-born individual, of Asian heritage, I am able to bring valuable lived experiences; the challenges I have faced and the barriers I had to overcome, to successfully navigate my work and personal life. 

My delivery style focuses on positive, engaging, and interactive conversations, to re-energise our diversity thought process and help us all take another step forward on our equality learning journey. This positivity and energy is something that I hope is reflected in the delivery of the Inclusive Policing with Confidence programme.  

We will be rolling out the programme within Avon and Somerset Police in partnership with Babbasa, WECIL, The Diversity Trust, and EMPOVA from September 2021 until April 2022 and will be focusing on key areas of differences including; gender, disabilities, religion and belief, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, poverty and socio-economic status alongside an understanding of intersectionality.

I am proud to have joined SARI to deliver these equality training workshops in partnership with Avon & Somerset Police. The Inclusive Policing with Confidence programme is an exciting opportunity for SARI and our partners to help and support the staff and officers of Avon and Somerset Police in gaining a greater understanding when policing diverse communities.

I am particularly excited to share my years of experience and knowledge in the field of equality, diversity, and inclusion, with the hope that, together, we can work towards improving engagement with citizens and empowering the officers and staff of Avon and Somerset police with the necessary skills and confidence to reduce any barriers.  

I am looking forward to meeting the staff and officers who work on the frontline over the course of the next 6 months for informative, honest, and thought-provoking conversations, as we all continue our equality journey together.”

Farhan Cheema
Inclusive Policing with Confidence Trainer
Stand Against Racism & Inequality