A workplace where everyone can thrive

We want every work environment to celebrate difference and diversity. That’s why we offer hate crime training, cultural awareness tours, workshops and forums to break down barriers and bring people together.

Ways we can help

There are many ways that SARI can support you:

  • Unique hate crime training packages and workshops. 
  • Cultural awareness tours. 
  • Community focus groups. 
  • Support to deal with hate crimes or incidents. 
  • Emotional support and practical safety advice for victims. 
  • Support to help your people stand up for their rights.

Did you know?

When asked if our service was good, satisfactory or poor, more than 92% of people judged it to be good.

Work with SARI

For many years we have worked closely with local authorities including social work teams, housing providers, social care providers, youth offending teams and youth groups. As well as the police, magistrates and the prison service, providing training and support to deal with hate crime and to promote equality, diversity and inclusion.

Our training packages are tailored to your needs. They’re designed to cover the issue of hate crime, equality, diversity and inclusion, and discrimination as a whole, or to look more closely at individual issues within your organisation. From a single session to a longer programme, they’re the perfect way to raise awareness and build a stronger, more welcoming workplace.

Handling hate crimes and discriminatory incidents

Hate crimes and discriminatory incidents can take place at work. If your staff are affected, you need to treat the situation as seriously as if it happened to one of your customers. Even if it seems like something small to start with, if not dealt with quickly, it could turn into a major issue. 

If you’re concerned, speak to us and we can help you deal with the situation correctly. We treat each incident with care and concern – because we know how life-changing it can be for victims. Then we offer emotional support, and practical advice to help everyone understand what’s happened and move forward positively.

Inside a Gurdwara

Cultural awareness tours

These have been really popular since they were introduced in 2008. We take your team on a tour of Bristol, visiting local places of worship and listening to a guest speaker talking about each religion and the diverse needs of that faith community. Then you’ll enjoy an authentic South Asian lunch (dietary requirements are always taken into consideration). In the afternoon, the tour finishes with further presentations and Q&A sessions from Gypsy Roma Traveller and Somali communities .

Our tours are run throughout the year and give a unique insight into some of Bristol’s local BME communities. Helping to build professional and personal cultural competence and confidence for frontline and management staff. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic we also created online video versions of our tours and these are available for anyone who can’t do them in person.

If you’d like to find out more or book your tour, please get in touch.

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