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We’re a charity, so none of the work we do would be possible without the help and support from others. There are plenty of ways you can get involved and help us. We have created a short guide that will give you a few tips and some helpful advice on how to make the most of your fundraising. Every pound you, your friends, colleagues and family members raise for SARI will make a huge difference to victims of hate crime and discrimination.

We really hope you enjoy fundraising for SARI. If you need any more information or support, you can get in touch with us by calling us on 0117 942 0060 or emailing us at

Ben’s 12,000 mile solo cycle ride

You could say that Ben Leo Hollis went to the ends of the earth for SARI. The Leicester student embarked on a 13-month solo cycle ride from his hometown, all the way to Brisbane, Australia. And all on a $10 a day budget! His incredible effort to complete the epic 12,000 mile journey on two wheels raised money for three charities close to his heart, including our own. 

Ben told us: “I chose SARI as I was looking for an anti-Islamophobia charity which looked at prevention rather than post-hate-crime support.” The long-distance cyclist said he would love it if we could use the money for education and promoting positive intercultural awareness regarding Islam and the Islamic community. He said: “My classmates often didn’t really know any Muslims directly, or know much about Islam, and even a small discussion on the topic can have a massive impact.” We couldn’t agree more. 

Ben knelt next to his bike

Felix and Mano’s moment in history

When photographer Felix Russell-Saw and artist Manoel Akure went to the Bristol Black Lives Matter protest in 2020, they couldn’t have known that they were about to capture one of the most iconic shots of our times. As the statue of Edward Colston was toppled, Mano climbed onto the plinth to take a stand. The image of him that Felix captured gained international recognition, even being featured on Sky Arts. 

Knowing that they had something special on their hands with this snapshot of history in the making, Felix and Mano decided to produce some limited edition prints to sell locally for charity – but then started getting requests from all around the world. In the end, the print was so popular they had to stop taking orders! The pair agreed that 100% of all the money raised from its sale should be given to charity and decided to make a donation to SARI. And we’re proud to put those funds to good use as we work to build stronger, more diverse, and kinder communities. 

Cheers, Left Handed Giant!

We need to raise a glass to brewery Left Handed Giant who took part in a worldwide initiative called Black is Beautiful. The Bristol company which produces small-batch progressive beers and has a brewpub in the city, collaborated with other producers to create a Black is Beautiful beer – and kindly donated all profits from its sale to SARI. 

Black is Beautiful is a collaborative effort amongst the brewing community and its customers. The initiative aims to raise awareness of the injustices people of colour face daily – and raise funds for police brutality reform and legal defences for those who have been wronged. It asks for everyone who takes part to donate to local foundations that support equality and inclusion and to commit to the long-term work of equality. Something that Left Handed Giant has wholeheartedly signed up to – and we’re very grateful that they’ve chosen to support our own work in this area. 

Black is Beautiful beer created by Left Handed Giant brewery

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