Hate crime is something we should all learn about

It’s a sad fact, but hate crime is a serious issue in our schools, colleges and universities. As a teacher, you may not know how to deal with it, or how to talk to your students about it. We provide a cost effective education service to help you raise awareness of this issue, and free support to students who are victims. If you’d like to know more or find out how much we charge, please get in touch.

A group of students from several ethnic backgrounds

Working with schools

Hate-related incidents within schools are a serious issue. They can have a big impact on all students, not just those directly involved. And will become even more of a problem if they’re not dealt with properly. 

Our specially trained people can help educate your students from an early age, deal with any incidents and support victims. We want to build a better future for all young people, and that’s what we’re working hard to achieve.

Ways we can help

There are many ways that SARI can support you and your students:

  • Leading assemblies, classroom sessions, lectures and workshops. 
  • Running one-to-one and groups sessions with victims or offenders.
  • Conflict resolution and restorative justice sessions.  
  • Advice and guidance on your policies and procedures. 
  • Teacher and staff training.

Did you know?

Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) children make up a big proportion of the students in our state primary schools. It’s only right that they should feel equal, valued and supported.

What support do you need?

All the work we do is completely confidential. SARI can support teachers and students in a number of different ways. Or talk to us about an issue and we’ll find a way to help.

Classroom sessions

Our education team can spend time with your students looking at any aspect of hate crime. Handling all sensitive subjects in a safe, interactive and interesting way. A lot of the work we do is around race or homophobic and transphobic hate crime – but we deal with disability related hate too. If you’d like to run some tailored sessions around these equality areas, we can put you in touch with our specialist disability or LGBTQ+ partners.

We’re raising awareness of what it means to live life in one of these minority groups. We also run ‘cultural carousels’ which are a fun, informal way to explore difference and diversity from looking at two or more cultures.


If your school is tackling hate crime or wants to do more to promote equality and diversity, our assemblies can address the whole issue or focus on just one area. We create a thought-provoking but fun learning environment that’s a celebration of diversity. And where children and young adults feel comfortable asking difficult questions and exploring new ideas. All sessions are tailored to suit the age and needs of your pupils – and your own area of focus.

Staff and governor training

Understanding what makes a hate crime is difficult enough. Knowing how to deal with one even more tricky. If you can help teachers and governors understand this subject better, they’ll be able to deal with small problems more easily – and stop them from growing into bigger issues.

At SARI, we’re skilled and experienced at delivering training on equality and diversity, covering topics such as the Equality Act and how it protects minority communities, key equalities definitions, terminology, privilege and bias. And that all helps to create an environment where everyone has the freedom to be themselves and achieve their best.

Cultural classes

We’re firm believers that education is the key to preventing and stopping hate crime in our communities. That’s why we enjoy running sessions that cover hate crime, equality, diversity and human rights issues. As part of this, we find teachers and students are really interested in learning about special days and festivals celebrated by different groups. We can build a class around many different topics, depending on what you want your students to learn. Here are some ideas, but we can cover many other festivals and important days too:

If there’s something else you would like us to cover, please just ask.

Did you know?

It’s often difficult to tell whether people are being attacked because of their race or their faith, because these are so closely connected.

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