how Will you support us DURING National Hate Crime Awareness Week?

National Hate Crime Awareness Week will take place from 14th – 21st October 2023. This national week of action looks to encourage local authorities, key partners and communities affected by hate crime to work together to tackle and prevent it. We’re proud to support the great work of @NationalHCAW in bringing people together to show a united front. Regardless of who you are, where you come from, or your political standing, we need to come together to say no to hate!

Join our #IStandWithSARI campaign for National Hate Crime Awareness Week by sending us a quote, picture or even a video of why you Stand With SARI. This will then be included on our website and social media.

What can you do?

When sending us either a quote, picture, or video please start it with “I Stand With SARI…” and then tell us what hate crime means to you, why you’re against hate crime, or what changes you want to see in the world.

I STAND WITH SARI …against all forms of hate crime because I know the damage it does to COMMUNITIES…

I stand with sari…because when I was a victim of hate crime they were there for me….

ways you can support OUR Campaign

  1. Upload a quote, photo or video below to be used by us for our campaign.
  2. Be an ally for victims of hate crime.
  3. Stand up to hate and report it.
  4. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn (and be sure to share our posts!).
  5. Download our hate crime social media pack and share information on facts on hate crime in the UK.
  6. Download our fundraising pack and fundraise for us and the work we do.
  7. Make a one-off donation or ongoing donation to help fund the support we offer.

Download our Hate crime Social mEDIA pACK

Download our hate crime social media pack with various social media ready posts. This can help you spread important information about hate crime, the people it affects, and how to get help.

Please always use the Hashtag #IStandWithSARI and #NationalHCAW — and don’t forget to tag @SARIcharity when you post so we can see your work! Every time you share our messaging you could be increasing the impact we have.

follow us on Social media

Never underestimate how much following us on social media and sharing our content can help. Unfortunately, many people aren’t sure what hate crime is. Sharing our content could be the difference between someone getting the help they deserve or continuing to struggle in silence. There are many reasons why hate crimes go unreported to the police, and that’s why we need to be here for people as an alternative support option.




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