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When it comes to tackling hate crime, housing associations are critical partners for SARI. We already have fantastic relationships with many of our local social landlords. And over the years they’ve invested more in our services because they can see how much we can add to their work and support residents affected by hate crime.

A dedicated casework service

If you want to provide the best response to residents affected by hate crime, we can help. As well as offering casework support to both victims and offenders on a one-off basis, we can work on a contract basis for a set number of cases. By working with us, you are helping an essential charity that’s working to make life better for residents in your area.

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Understanding what makes a hate crime is difficult enough. Knowing how to deal with one even more tricky. If you can help your staff understand this subject better, they’ll be able to deal with small problems more easily – and stop them from growing into bigger issues. 

At SARI, we’re skilled and experienced at delivering training on equality and diversity, covering topics such as the Equality Act and how it protects minority communities, key equalities definitions, terminology, privilege and bias.

We can offer tailored training packages to support your staff. Get in touch to find out more.

Resident involvement and empowerment

We can deliver tailored packages for your residents. For example:

  • Satisfaction surveys with any section of the community.
  • Focus groups about issues such as hate crime and customer services for equalities groups.
  • Empowerment work for residents affected by hate crime.

And we can support your staff through:

  • Unique training packages and workshops.
  • Cultural awareness tours.
  • Community focus groups.
  • Support to deal with hate incidents or crimes.
  • Emotional support and practical safety advice for victims.

Reviewing your policies and procedures for hate crime and equality, diversity and inclusion

Using our wide knowledge, research and what we learn from talking to you, we’ll help you review your organisation’s policies and procedures. Then make recommendations to help you achieve best practice. We can also put you in touch with other organisations who may have good ideas to share. Ideally, we’ll work with both staff and service users to make sure that the processes you have are right. And will make a real difference for the people they’re designed for.

By having a sound, clearly defined policy and set of procedures for hate crime you can ensure that serious matters are resolved in a way that safeguards both your organisation and the victim.

For more information or feedback from customers who have benefited from this service, please get in touch.

Reviewing and auditing your practices and records

Anti-social behaviour and hate crime remains top of the list of issues that concern both social housing tenants and providers. We can review and audit all allegations of hate crime and prejudice-based anti-social behaviour made by and against your tenants. Or just a small sample depending on how many there are.

We can also work with you to develop best practice when dealing with conflicts that can lead to hate crime. Or check that you’re not missing any hate crimes or incidents on the anti-social behaviour reports you receive from tenants.

Often by reviewing these complaints, you can identify hate incidents or crimes that have been lost in the ASB recording systems and haven’t been dealt with. We can also create methods of best practice for your organisation to follow when dealing with conflicts that can lead to hate crime.

Please get in touch to find out more.

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