A Lifetime for Justice

Alongside Bristol Ideas, we have produced a pamphlet called A Lifetime for Justice, which is beautifully illustrated by Willem Hampson. Spearheaded by our Strategic Director, Alex Raikes MBE DL, who is currently Bristol’s High Sheriff, the pamphlet explores Bristol’s history in fighting for justice, looking at the changemakers in our communities and encouraging people to play active roles in human rights related activism. 

The pamphlet was launched at an event – A Lifetime for Justice on the 30th of November – where people from across Bristol and beyond packed into the Great Hall at the University of Bristol to hear from an array of speakers who have made striving for justice their life’s work. A marketplace stood alongside the speakers, showcasing local judiciary, legal firms, chambers, statutory agencies and organisations who are committed to equality and social justice. Each attendee took away the pamphlet, in the hope that it will highlight and celebrate the difference that ordinary people can make. 

“We wanted to create something that highlighted our city’s unique history and celebrated the people who have dedicated their life to justice,”  says Alex. ” I am personally lucky to know some of these people (who are still with us)working with them during my own career to achieve justice and fairness.

Looking through the timeline in this pamphlet, it is clear to see that there would have been no change for the better if it wasn’t for the passion and determination of ordinary citizens. 

To complement the pamphlet, we have created learning resources suitable for KS2 through to KS5, which includes a wealth of information to engage and inspire students. “I am well-aware that our future lies in the very capable hands of the next generation,” Alex continues. “In creating a Lifetime for Justice, we wanted to produce a resource that would engage students with our city’s history and inspire them for our city’s future. As I said in the introduction to the pamphlet, ‘if you look at the world around you right now, changemaking for our people and planet is needed now more than ever!”

You can read more about the pamphlet and the resources here.